Server 10.3.9: non-standard URLs don't resolve correctly

Okay, talking to myself now: Is it as simple as defining a new site as and pointing it to the same location/folder? Is there any down side to this, or is this the accepted method?
srciaran said:
I have three web sites hosted on the same server:
I have no capability of using ports or unique IPs to help differentiate the domains, just the addresses themselves.

This is a shortcoming of the web admin tool. Read up on the use of the ServerAlias directive for the apache server. You will need hand edit the site configuration files (in /etc/httpd/sites) to add this directive to the config files and restart the Apache server.

I've set up my multisite server the opposite way. That is, the default site is, Then in the config file I add the following line:

ServerAlias *