Services (GRAB) Always grayed out...


What is the point of the 'services' item in the application menu? I would like to do the occaisional screen grab, but but grab is ALWAYS grayed out. I have to launch it separately, then do it from within grab.

Why bother with a 'services' menu that does not ever allow one to access services?
I had this same problem. I have grab run in the background on startup. I That menu will not be grayed out anymore. This solved my problem. Even on an 800Mhz iBook, it works fast...Let me know if it works for you!

OK, here's the thing:

The Services menu only (natively) works in Cocoa applications, so anything that was ported from OS 9 or Windows is unlikely to use it.

Secondly, the "Grab" service is stupid. To use it, you have to be in a program which can accept the resulting image (not Finder, Safari, etc.) - like Photoshop, for instance (or probably iPhoto). Mail can too (if you open a new Mail message), as can TextEdit.

For most screenshots, either use the Grab utility in /Applications/Utilities or the handy-dandy keyboard shortcuts:

Cmd+Shift+3 - Takes the whole screen and saves it as a PDF (if you have multiple monitors, each is a different page of the document) on the desktop.
Cmd+Shift+4 - Cursor changes to a cross-hair so you can drag a selection, then saves the result as a PDF on the desktop.

With either, if you hold control, the image will be saved to the clipboard (like how Windows does it). It's also a good idea to get QuickImageCM - a Contextual Menu item that allows you to do a one-step conversion from the PDF to a normal image format (JPEG for instance).