Services in dir admin have suddenly stopped.


Running a Dual processor G4 1GHz server with OSX server Tiger 10.4.1

I have set the server up as an open directory server.

All of a suden all the services have stopped !!!(all tabs have gone red and I have no option to click "start services").

I get an error message asing me to log out and log back in or ask for administrator (me!!)

if I log back out and log back in using the standard admin username and password instead of the dir admin login and it says that all services are running.

You still cannot login from any of the client machines.

Any ideas? am I looking at a rebuild ?

Any advice would be great.


So, if just in the GUI, all of the services 'go red' but they are still available, that's just Server Admin going a little crazy. I've seen Server Admin completely refuse to connect to specific servers before, but usually quitting the Server Admin application and starting the app back up helps.

Best practice will tell you not to use the LDAP DirAdmin username and password for anything besides what its used for. In fact, usually you want to keep that built in username and password safe and then create a secondary LDAP user with the proper LDAP privs that you want, in case you lose control over the login.

How have you setup your clients to login to the server? Is the login your speaking of at the end a login at LoginWindow to access the whole user account, or are you using a local user (or non OD user) to login to the desktop and then attempt to connect to a share? If its at loginwindow, check to be sure you've properly set up DirectoryAccess to access the LDAP of your OD and have the proper Authentication nodes included. If you are simply trying to access a share, check to be sure your authentication policies are not overriding your users (this is for all users and not just for the DirAdmin, right?). For example, if your logging in with a non-LDAP account, but only allow Kerberos auth, you'll probably run into a bit of an issue...unless you kinit for a new ticket with the proper credentials... :)

Hope this helps ya out!