Session Based Blog System


I am looking for a open source Blog system which I can implement on my


I found quite a number of them but the issue is that all the ones that I

found use a cookie based approach i.e. for the users of the site need to

have Cookies enabled in their browsers for the Blogs to function.

I was wondering if there is a open source Blog system which is Session

Variable based without the use of client side cookies so that even if the

users have Cookies disabled in their browsers the Blog would work for


Does anyone know of a open source Blog system that is Session based??

There was some talk in the support forums for Wordpress on using phpBB's session support with a Wordpress blog. Might be worth looking into. Not sure if anyone ever figured it out or's from 2004. Wordpress 1.5 has since been released, so something like that may be included. I run it on my personal site, but I've been too busy to even change the template I couldn't say for sure what's possible. Might want to check out Textpattern too.