setting classpath in project builder


i\\\'m having problems compiling and running
a java application with project builder.
I set the property \\\"\\\"
to the name of the main class (does anybody know
a more convenient way to specify the class containing
the main method ?) and the property \\\"\\\" to \\\"/Users/{myName}/Documents/sources/java/{prjName}/build/intermediates/{prjName}.build/JavaClasses\\\", the top
of the application\\\'s package hierarchy, in Project Builders \\\"Executables\\\", \\\"Env Vars\\\"...
when i try to run the application it tells me
\\\"PANIC: CarbonLibApp: The main class \\\"{Name}\\\" could not be loaded.
{Name}.app has exited with status 1.\\\"
i can run the app. with java from the console, so it
must be something with the classpath settings in
Project Builder.. can anybody help...?

...when i create a Cocoa app. from my java source
is there a difference to creating class files and running them in the VM ? (will it be faster ?)

...last question : does anybody know how to apply
the MacOS X L&F to my app ?

any help greatly appreciated..