Setting to use sendmail


I have been reading about using sendmail with the to avoid problems with your ISP's SMTP server. People keep mentioning to set the preference in to use sendmail for outgoing mail, but I do not see this preference in the Final Release? Is it still there?

Chad Johnson
It's not really clear like it was in PB, but it works - just set the SMTP server to localhost.

What really sucks is that won't really check /var/mail anymore. If you turn Unix mail on, all it does is adds a .forward file in your home directory, so that your local mail gets forwarded to your main (remote) mail account.

Of course, if you're using local mail because your ISP's service sucks, this is worse than useless. The only way to get local mail locally is to install a POP3 server yourself, and then add an account that uses localhost as the POP server. harrumph!