Setting OSX partition as startup from OS9


I\'m running a 3 week old G4 cube with 256 mB ram and 30 gB disk divided in 4 partitions. First (5 gB) is OS9, second (5 gB) is OSX and the two others are for me and my data. I have experience with alphaLinux, LinuxPPC, Intel Linux and SGI unix. With LinuxPPC on an iMac I can boot into either MacOS or Linux at startup using bootx, so I assumed that it should be a snap to similarly toggle between OSX and OS9. After installing OSX yesterday on its own partition (/tmp so I can trash it if it gets uppity) I checked out what it felt like. I like it and I have linuxPPC application that I want to port to it. However, I needed to get back to work so I reset my startup to the first partition with OS9 and rebooted and did my job. Today I cannot reset the startup disk to the OSX partition to rejoin my tour of OSX. The message I get is \"The disk \"/tmp\" cannot be selected as the stratup drive because it does not have a valid System Folder or the disk drive software does not support startup selection\". I tried booting from the OSX install CD but it does not get you to a point where you can set the strartup disk.
My question is simple is this the way OSX/OS9 interoperability is supposed to work or do \"we have a problem here [Austin]\"?
pop in the os x cd, there is a control panel on there...the startup disk control panel won\'t recognize a mac os x system...this other control panel will...its called system disk i believe

i just through it in my os 9 control panels...i think its installed somewhere else on your computer as well with the os x installation but i forget exactly where. I know atleast one other person has made a thread asking the same basic question, someone probably said it in there. so yeah, try doing a search, it saves you time in waiting for a reply :)
Thanks, iRock. I searched a bit deeper and found the MacOS9 folder on the OSX partition. That folder contains the System Disc tool that allows you to switch from OS9 to OSX. DUH!

I was back looking at OSX again and comparing it to LinuxPPC with MOL. Apple needs to port a complete development tree including an Aqua/Carbon compliant X11R6.4 X-window server and development tree. I know that Tenon is doing that but why pay for something that should be in any mature OS! I ported scientific apps from an SGI IRIX OS to linuxPPC in very little time as I installed and learned linuxPPC on an iMac. To do a similar port from LinuxPPC to OSX is going to require that I track down an X-server, build the development libraries and redo make files to reflect the differences in OS organization, yada, yada and yada... Right now it looks to be a pain. Apple should commits to prepackaging the development tools with OSX. Otherwise, its easier to repartition the disc on this cube, and load LinuxPPC with MOL running MacOS9 on top of a free and supported XFree86 X-server.
no problem

hmm, i\'m not too sure exactly what all you need to do to port these programs you\'ve made to os X, but XFree86 is available for os x. There is another thread somewhere that talks about a bunch of x11 servers that will run on osx. this may not even help you, i dunno, just thought i\'d let you know if you didn\'t know already.

i haven\'t installed xfree86 so i don\'t know much about how it works, but i\'m thinkin it\'ll blow away tennon\'s program, which was pretty lame the last time i tried it. talk to ya later