Setting up a Mac to authenticate with active directory?


Ok,we have a Mac here at the office and my boss would lkike me to set it up so we can access a user acount via the active directory.

Check list:

One Mac...check
One server...check
all networked up....check
Active directory domain address....check
Active directory forrest

Could someone explain what the forrest address is and where I could retreive it from?
Also in Apples help notes it does also say that you need the computer name,I presume this is the computer name of the Mac that will need adding in directory access?

One last thing,how does it work? if you create a new account on a mac server then you get Documents,music,public etc folders,kwhat do you get accessing an account via a Mac.

Any advice would be great(from a switcher thats jst passed his 10.4 support exam,yippee!!!).
Just a side note (I dunno about Active Directory, really): Make sure the Mac's name is "compatible". I.e.: Name it "jonsmac" instead of "John's Mac". Sometimes, Windows file sharing (SMB) gets confused by Macs' names containing strange characters such as spaces...
Yeah cool thanks for that,the mac name is all lower case so i know thats not the problem,
good point though.
not sure if its the same for your company but here my active forest address is the same as my active directory domain
i haven't figured out how to get around all the folders in the new account bit but i'm working on it

not sure if this will help as your message was posted a while ago but thought i'd pass on my experiences