Setting Up a Wired/wireless Home Network


I just got Verizon fios and I wanted to change my network to accomodate both wired and wireless

I have the following equiptment:
-Apple Airport Extreme router
-D-Link DL-604 wired ethernet router
-4 macs
-1 pc running linux
-3 Airport expresses

Ultimately what I want to do is have the airport extreme recieve the internet in the WAN port provide both wired and wireless connections throughout the house.

I want multiple wired connections and the Airport only has 1 LAN port so what I was planning on doing was hooking up the Airport's LAN port to the DL-604's WAN port and have the DL-604 as a dumb switch.

I made a diagram to help explain my situation:

I was thinking of either that configuration or one going directly from my internet (there is no modem) to the DL-604 then to each wired computer and Airport.

What configuration will work the best. It would be great if the wired and wireless computers could be on the same network. Thank you in advance