setting up airport express as remote

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i have trouble setting up an airport express as a remote base station. the express is called 'express boy' and gave it a password.

i set up the airport extreme base station (called 'home boy') as a MAIN base station,
then in the WDS menu I try to add express boy as the remote, but i cannot log in, though i know the password. so through home boy (the main base) i cannot reach express boy (the remote base)

I also cannot reach the express boy directly from the airport admin utility app.
It has ip number
when i doubleclick on express boy, i get the pizza and after 5 minutes it asks for a password but the password does not work.

i tried resetting the airport express but does not help.

I can fix the airport express using the airport setup utility (i mean get it working), but it irrates me that i cannot reach the airport express.

Anyone any clues?


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