Sexiest car ever EVER

Dear Lord.....

That Chevy SS is beautiful! I wonder who did that.... Or who did that for the sick richy that bought all of those exotics. Really a great job.

Well, since on topic of sickeningly sexy black sports cars,


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That lambo looks pretty slow ;) I think I can take it on with my ford contour... if I had the ability to fold space and time. LOL. That looks pretty evil too.
that last one. oh my god. it's called a barina (here) the only people who "do them up" are 17 year old girls and weird guys who don't know any better. it's like doing up a bicycle for christ' sake!
That Chevy is so sexy, I plotzed myself. I don't think I could kvell enough about how sexy that car is. Oi.

P.S. I don't know what that little black car is, but Ha! I know exactly what you mean. Guys here do up their Honda Civics as if they're the freaking fastest things on earth.

Of course, I could always beat their asses with this baby... ( ), but I don't need to prove anything. I know my car is a little wolf in sheep's clothing.
I like them. They're called corsa's here if you get a high end model they're actually decent cars to drive. I know what you mean about barry boys doing them over though but thats how it is with any car. Stick some neons and a ten tone, budget, paintjob on a ferrari and it wouldn't look too nice either. I like the one in that picture though and would have it over either of the two cars above it. ;)
im not sure if we have more civics or barinas here..

a big part of the problem is that the Holden factory is located in the northern suburbs of the city i live near.

holden is owned by GM, and makes what you americans would know as a "lumina".

here. it's a commodore. they're "a dime a dozen" here. and yet people still buy them. when they can't afford one, they buy a barina, because it's sold as a holden (rebadged GM..)

personally. i can't stand holdens, or much of anything that GM make. gimme a VW passat any day!
Some of you may remember these when they were new :rolleyes: So for the Euros here it's a 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner.Three carburetors on top of an 8. something litre engine with an automatic transmission.Had enough power for me ;)


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