Share a ADSL on two G4s


I and a friend plan to share a adsl this weekend and wonder how this can be done? We both have G4s running with mac os x 10.1...

I did some research and have a HUB and two not crossed ethernet cables... I understand that I need some Routing software? Where can I get this and what version should I use under os x? If anybody could tell me how to set up the network and config. the comps it would be great..
You must set static IPs for the two G4s

Connect your G4 to ADSL and set router and DNS in network preferencies of friend's G4 with your IP.
Then set friend's mtu to 1490 in order to navigate.
You can set mtu with the command:

sudo ifconfig en0 mtu 1490

Note that en0 is the name of my network card.
If you don't know what its name is, type

ifconfig -a

and check for the network.

If your friend restarts, he has to retype the command to change mtu.

If your ADSL modem is USB, you needn't an HUB and not crossed cables, but only one crossed cable to connect your G4s.

It would work.
Where in os x do i type in commands?

and also... in classic u had something called "chooser" to connect another mac in your LAN.. what replace "chooser" in os X? How do i connectmy friends mac to share files.. and how do i activate apple talk and all that?
1. U have to use the terminal. As os X is based on Unix, U have to make all the settings in unix style. U can find the terminal in /Applications/Utilities
2. To connect two macs in order to share internet connection, U haven't to do anything else.
3. For Apple Talk and other things U have to go to system preferencies and go into network. Navigate through the menus to set all U want.

so when i have apple talk active in the network prefs.. my friends files will pop up where? where can i move his files over to my HD? like the old "chooser" ?

will i see his HD in my network panel then?
If U use static IP it means that the IPs don't change.
STATIC, right? :rolleyes:

With Apple talk, the macs in network appear on the desktop.