Share a internet connection=>mac os x


I want to share my cable connection with Mac os X!

-Ibook: 333mhz 192 Mo RAM, System: 9.1

-G3 Blue and white: 300 mhz 256 RAM systeme X and 9.1 =>cable modem connect to this computer

-7200/75: 75 mhz, 32 RAM system 8.1 <= old suff!!!!


It's not like OS X is another computer! Just go to your preferances, click on internet and set it up! use the same configurations as os 9


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Perhaps what you want is a router such as the LinkSys Router--an excellent choice.

You have your cable modem's ethernet cable go straight into the router and then use the router's built-in hub to hook up all your other computers. Your other computers are then set up "Using DHCP," and everyone get fast Internet. Voila. Everyone's happy.



I'm using natd to share a cable modem connection with two OSX boxes, and one NT box. It works like a charm. There is an excellent thread on how to set it up using the command line here. I think that the url is if that doesn't work just do a search for nat and you will find it. If you are uncomfortable using the command line, there is a program that was just released as a beta that is supposed to make it easy to set up via the gui, although i have not tried it out. You can find it a version tracker, it's called gNAT. Good luck.


You need to get another nic for the G3. You need a port to plug the other computer into.
Routing through your computer requires your computer to be on all the time if the other computers want the internet. I suggest you just get a cable router (or gateway) that supports the protocol that your cable uses. Depending on what kind you get, you may need a hub too.


Like was stated before, routing through your computer requires that it be left on, but i dont have a problem with that. It works fine for me, and OSX has been up for over a month now without needing a restart.

If you read through the posts in that thread, there is a wealth of knowlege to be gained about nat. Whirk posted on using one card to share a network connection. You will need an ethernet hub, with both computers and the modem connected to it. I hope it's ok with Whirk for me to repost here.


Note: I had a dual ethernet card setup working for awhile..but it would sporadically stop working. After trying all sorts of things to get it working again and then having it fail again I determined that is was related to my second ethernet card..sometimes it worked fine and other times it just ceased to work.

So currently I'm just using my built in ethernet port, which is connected to my switch, and having the cable modem connected to the switch as well.

Here's what my single ethernet interface script looks like now (and has been working great for the past month - uptimes of 12 days straight with natd working fine the whole time (too bad I had to restart to install other software)). Anyways, here it is:

UW PICO(tm) 2.3 File: rc.natd


ifconfig en0 alias netmask

natd -interface en0

/sbin/ipfw -f flush
/sbin/ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via en0
/sbin/ipfw add allow ip from any to any

NOTE: en0 is configured as it would normally in the network control panel with my real IP and netmask supplied by my cable provider. The Alias address in the script is the internal ip that clients on my network put in as the router address.

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hope that helps