Share From Iphoto To Windows


A friend shares photos with me: I see them in iPhoto with no problems.

I need (with his permission) to share them with others, who run Windows.

I can import the photos into a folder on my Mac, but the creation date is lost: the only date is that of import.

What's the best way of sharing the photos, while retaining the original date?

I intended to import them occasionally & share via Dropbox, but without the creation date that's not very useful.
Yes, you can share the iphoto with no problem by exporting the iphoto images in different format.
See the link
Unfortunately that article (and related ones) concentrate on sharing amongst Apple hardware, not surprisingly: Windows is briefly mentioned but with little detail. What I need is a step-by-step for enabling sharing a photo stream to a Windows PC: can anyone point me in the right direction?
You can use these steps:
You need to download icloud for Windows.

1. Select Photos, and then My Photo Stream will turn on automatically.

2. Choose the iCloud Photos folder location on your computer. Click Options > Change and choose the folder where you want to organize and keep your iCloud photos.

3. Click OK > Apply.