Share on Windows Workgroup


Hi, i was wondering if there is some software that will allow me to share files and possibly print to remote printers on a Windows 98 Workgroup on the LAN at my school.
I had thought that maybe OS X had this feature, but I can't seem to figure anything out with it.
Any help is greatly appreciated, and if I need to add some clarification, please ask.
Andrew Cooper
i've got it, and it seems to work pretty well, but when i have it installed I can't shut down my computer. i read something about there being a missing file that would cause shutdown problems, but i think i did the fix, adding the path to the sharity folder to the ~/.cshrc file but still no luck.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
You may also want to try SAMBA X (freeware) or Thursby's Dave (in Beta, commercial software).