Shared External Hard Drive Folder Copies


I asked a previous question regard 'read & write' assecc to a shared external hard drive. I can mount the shared disk, read & copy files. However, I can only copy a single file to the shared drive. When I try to copy a folder from my desktop to the shared drive I get an error:

'The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient priviledges for some of the items.'

I tried to click the "Ignore Ownership on this Volume" checkbox both on an off with no luck after reconnected each time I changed the setting to the shared drive on the second Mac. Here is the setting for external hard drive:

Owner: namehere
Access: Read & Write

Group: staff
Access: Read & Write

Note: I have not created any special groups on the host Mac since I wanted to login as Admin to the Admin account on the client machine. I figured this would allow me read&write access on the client Mac.

Any ideas? Can you give me a basic step-by-step on how you would go about setting up sharing this external drive?