Shared Library Problem


In an effort to check whether all my system fonts were installed (trying to get rid of a bug in Firefox) I created a new user profile.

Somehow whilst inside the new 'test' user profile I inadvertenty copied my Applications folder from the Admin user to the new test one. I duly copied it back and once I'd restarted I deleted the new test user as I no longer needed it.

I now have an Application Lauch Error if I try to open any applications in my Apps folder. I am the sole user of my machine, so there are no servers attached and that is the first time I have ever created a new user profile.

The error reads:

Application Launch Failure
The application "whichever" could not be launched because of a shared library error:

Now, short of reinstalling Tiger, I just want to fix the problem. I have repaired all disk permissions and am not sure what to do next!!