Sharing a ppp connection over ethernet.


How do I share a ppp (modem) connection over ethernet on mac os x.1?? I used to be able to do it with IPNetRouter (i believe that is the program). I am hoping that I can do it with unix under os x for free. Any good solutions out there?
Yep, gNat. Get it from I also posted step by step instructions to do this on the command line somewhere on MacNN (you'll have to do a search to find that forum).
:-\ I cannot find the search function on About how long ago was the discussion and under what topic?
It's under Mac OS X usage & support, and probably from back in April, although the method works in X.1 still. However, things like gNat and I think Brickhouse shares now are much more user friendly, wrapped in a nice GUI interface and in the case of gNat free. If you still want my MacNN post though, I'll dig it up. :)