Sharing an Epson 1270


I can´t select the way to share my Epson Stylus Photo 1270 in Print Monitor in ServerAdmin. The options LPR and Windows printing (SMB) are "greyed out". Also I can´t change the "Queue name". It is a textfield but a can´t place my cursor in it.
I´ve read that spaces aren´t allowed when using "Windows printing (SMB)" and that´s why I´m trying to change the name of the queue because it´s now "SP 1270(USB)".

I´m really stuck. Does anyone know what´s not right?
Window services are running.

MacOS X Server 10.1
I finally got my HP DeskJet 1220C to work when I installed the InkJet 1.2 driver. But is there a way to share this printer over the network (like in OS 9) ?