Sharing internet connections with Windoze



This is probably dead, easy but I'm a real Newbie to networking.

I have a Mac running OSX and a PC running Win2K.

I'd like to share the internet connection between the two boxes. The PC is a laptop so I need to use the MAC as the router.

I have everything I need to Network the computers together (hardware wise) but not the expereince with OSX to know how to set up a share of the internet connection. In fact I don't even know if it's possible!

I'd realy appreciate any help. Cause it's making my brain hurt!


If you are setting up a wireless network, it is pretty easy. Setup you macintosh to act as a software base station (Airport). Configure Windows in /Control Panels/Network , Setup tci/ip for your network card to get IP through dhcp or 'obtain ip address automatically'. Also, you can buy a base station.

If you are using a hardwired network i.e network cables, your task gets tricky.
Apple does not provide any routing software with OSX client. However, since OSX is based on freebsd unix, there should be a dhcp server built into the kernel that you can use to share the connection. But, this will more brainscrunching time to research and setup (consulting man pages, accessing the command line, writing scripts, etc). So, you should just buy a hardware router for $150. Linksys, 3com, or Farralon have one that you can order. They are pretty straightforward to set up.
Thanks for your advice.

However I'm not sure I'm completely clear on what you mean.

I can either do loads of work to configure my Mac as a router or I can buy one. Right?

SO where do I plug my modem in? Into the router or the Mac. Cause I have an ADSL modem which I can't connect to a router (it's a USB connection).

Does that mean I have to get my hands relay dirty and configure my Mac?

Oh Man this Unix stuff is way tough. But I'll get there! :D
OK. So you have a ADSL modem that connects to usb port.
That may be a problem because you will need drivers for it.

First, You should make sure that it is mac compatible. Then see if the drivers are available mac os x. If it is mac compatible, but there is no support for macosx, then you are stuck with macos 9.2 to use the connection. Then you would have to buy router software for mac os 9.1 or use the Airport software (wireless only). If it is mac compatible and has support for OSX, then look into setting it up the router through the Unix kernel. A program called "Brickhouse" could help;however, the author only tested the router using one ethernet port. You can downlaod it at Apple's MacOSX section under networking.

An ADSL modem with an ethernet port is ideal because you dont need any special drivers and it will work with any os. Also you can connect it to a DSL router.

I did what you are trying to do but for the reverse situation. I had a desktop pc with win 98SE, a Powerbook, and an DSL modem with an ethernet connection. So, I setted up an wireless network by buying an airport card for the Powerbook and a Lucent wireless card for the PC. I connected the modem to the PC's ethernet card. Then, I setted up Internet Connection Sharing software that came with win 98SE to share the connection with my Powerbook through the wireless connection. It works great.

So, you have your work cut out for you. If you recently purchase the usb ADSL modem try to exchange it for one with an ethernet port.
Thanks guys!

Got it clear in my head now. Should have it up and running this weekend. LoL :D

Well I'll give it a go anyway. The USB modem thing is a pain but us Brits have to put up with backwards technology. ;)