Sharing iTunes Playlist w/ OS 9 & X

You can replace the iTunes playlist in OS x with an alias to the one in OS 9. This way you don't have to update each one separately!

This is kinda obvious, but I'm sure there are some people who didn't think of this one..... ;)
Hi !

Could You elaborate a bit more ?

I would like to use some playlists which I made in OS 9 but want to burn in OS X !

(burning does not work for me any longer in OS 9, iTunes does not recognize my ezquest any longer but OS X does !)

just find your OS X iTunes playlist folder (~/documents/iTunes) and replace it with an alias to your old iTunes playlist folder from OS 9. I'm not sure where it is, but I found mine in my OS 9 documents folder.
ReadMe? Who reads those any more? I'd read em for something big like an OS (if I'm bored enough), but not for a little MP3 player (well unless I'm bored to death). I usually only read em if I have a problem I cant solve on my own, which is not in this case.
i only have "iTunes Music Library" in the iTunes folder in documents in 9 and X... is this the file that you're talking about?
if the folder has your iTunes playlist in it, that would be the one. But in your case u must have music in that folder too, so you should just make an alias to the playlist file