Sharing NFS mounts



I working with setting up a MacOSX Server. I want to mount a nfs directory from our Solaris test server in OSX Server, and then share it as a AppleTalk/Windows share. There is no problems mounting the nfs share from the Finder but it is grayed out when I try to share it from the ServerAdmin program.

Does anyone know how to work around this? Do I need to mount the nfs drive as another user? And It would be nice if it mounted automatically at startup as well...
I also have been trying to figure this out for several days and this is what I found out. You can share it over the network, however you must be using the same user account when accessing the share over the network. What I mean is, if you have a share that belongs to user joe_p (with the uid of 501) then to use or even share that volume you need to have the same user account or the same uid of 501. So, somehow (this is the part I haven't figured out yet) you need to add this user to a group and then any others to the same group who you want to have access to the share. This is how I think it needs to be done, BUT that is why I am typing this response because I want to know the answer to this!!! So someone please help and share your ever so powerful knowledge with us! :p
I knew I was close to being correct!!! I had the right idea of adding users to groups and then assigning those groups to resources or mounts you want to share. However, the reason it didn't work before was because I didn't have the correct permissions assigned to it. So I assigned the resource I was sharing 770, which is READ,WRITE,EXECUTE for the 'owner' and READ,WRITE,EXECUTE for the 'group' and nothing for 'everyone'. I'm sure you all already knew this, just making sure for some of you UNIX newbies out there.
In the end I solved the problem the other way round, and it now works perfectly for me. Instead of mounting the Solaris NFS mount, I now export a NFS drive from OSX and mount it on Solaris.

This might or might not be a suitable solution for you.