Sharing Verizon V620 Wireless Internet Connection


Hi -

I have a PowerBook G4 with a Verizon v620 wirless internet card running OS X Tiger 10.4.x. I use the v620 for my internet access and it works great.

I have the G4 connected to a Linksys WRT54G router.

I have a laptop with Win 98 also connected to the router.

The Win 98 laptop is able to share files with G4 - but not the internet connection.

On the mac I have sharing set to share my internet connection via the built-in ethernet.

On the Win 98 laptop I'm not able to connect to the internet. I go through the Internet Connection wizard, but the connection does not get made.

Any advise on how to share the internet connection via wired ethernet between the G4 and the Win98 Laptop.

Any help will be appreciated.