Sharity configuration problems


I've been trying to get Sharity to network my iMac and my roommate's NT 4.0 PC and I have been having a lot of problems getting it to work right. Unfortunately the documentation and the user interface leave a lot to be desired.

I downloaded the last beta version and after fiddling and fiddling I got it to work. Unfortunately I don't know exactly what I did that got it working, it suddenly just did. Also unfortunately instead of leaving things alone I downloaded the production version earlier this week and everything stopped working. I suppose I shouldn't have trashed the configuration files for the earlier version but I was worried about incompatibilites. It's also possible that some of the problem may be on the PC side since I enabled additional shares instead of the one share I had before. I am pretty PC-clueless however so it's possible I may have goofed that side up in the process I suppose.

Anyhow I would appreciate it if someone could go through the bare-bones Sharity/Windows networking procedure assuming that neither the Mac nor the PC is configured. All the instructions I have seen assume that Windows networking is working correctly and as I only have one Windows machine in my network I can't assume that. My hardware configuration is listed below just in case it makes a difference.

Also if anyone could point me to some good sharity documentation (not the poor stuff on their web site) I would appreciate it!


Mac: iMac DV-SE 500, OSX 10.0
PC: Pentium 600, Windows NT 4.0
@home cable modem, Asante router


I have been using Sharity to mount a shared directory on my roomates wintel box so that we could tranfer some files to it. I found that Sharity doesn't seem to show shared directories in the /Network/Cifs/ directory like it is supposed to. I use the program to mount the volume directly but this cause problems when trying to unmount the directory.

You can mount the directory by typing the location on the wintel box in this format:

//wintel's name on the network/shared directory

Good luck,


I was able to mount the share in the /Network/Cifs directory before but now I can't. Perhaps it worked ok when the Wintel box had one share but doesn't now that there are more than one? I will give your suggestion a try. By the way I forgot to post the error I am getting, it is reported as "Unknown DOS error 1/2215".