Sharp PDA!

That is one beautiful PDA :D
I especially like the slide keyboard :D

It seems that Sharp smartened up and started using a "mainstream" or more supported (well sort of) OS. Its previous devices has a Sharp proprietary OS. This is quire interesting.. a linux/java OS :D
As will I. They are going to have developer only ones available next month, I'm keep my eye on them and see how much they are going to sell them for.

Thank you to all the JavaOne attendees who swiped their badges and
registered on the developer website. As we have received numerous
requests for the Sharp LinuxTM/JavaTM based PDA, we have decided to extend
the special JavaOne promotional price of $399* to all developers. We will
start taking pre-orders on November 5, 2001,
and you will receive your product in November.

Beginning November 5, 2001, you can order your product by going to We are opening the store up for pre-orders
at this special developer price to encourage you to start creating
applications for our consumer version which we are planning on releasing
in Q1 2002. The memory configuration of the consumer version will be
different from the developer version, and will retail in the mid-$500**
price range. The developer version is a special offer for $399 and
quantities are limited, so get yours today so you can begin to create
applications now!

Now I only need $400!

I want one jsut for teh novelty of it :p

Can I get one even if I am not a real developper ? ;) (I am an apprentice developper he he :p)