Shell Script Trouble


I'm trying to set up a script to run from the script menu:


mysqladmin flush-logs

I actually want to due more than that, but it sufficiently illustrates my problem -- the console says: "command not found: mysqladmin". This same command, however, works just fine from a terminal window. Any ideas?

Looks like you have some path problems here

run this on a terminal window:

which mysqladmin

copy the whole path to 'mysqladmin'

put the path before the command on the script file


dani++ - it's not a PATH problem, exactly. Yes, the path isn't set, but it's not because of duplicate or any other sort of problem, it's because the script menu doesn't have any environmental variables (like PATH, or TERM, or SHELL, or any of that nice stuff).

So since it doesn't have a path, it can't find the command. I answered this in the other thread by the same name.