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i have follwed the tip below..and it worked but there are no languages in the coice translate box, nothing at all..please help thanks
Question - Sherlock ChannelsJun 30 2005, 4:14pm
Hello there

I don't have any of the original Sherlock channels in the main channels menu. I upgraded to OS 10.3.9 a while ago - this seems to have done it.

I used the translation channel regularly and would absolutely like to retrieve this. I can live without the others although dictionary was good too.

I would be grateful for any help and guidance on this.

Yours sincerely


PS: I found one tip on the 'Net but it didn't work. It involved dragging the Sherlock cache folder onto the desktop and relaunching Sherlock - no effect. provides Free Support For This & Other Mac Issues
Response/FollowupJun 30 2005, 8:08pm

My name is Cheryl and I will be assisting you.

Go to Home>Library>Preferences. Trash the file.
Empty the trash
Now give Sherlock a try.

If the toolbar still does not show, click on the Channels icon. You should see a list on the left side starting with ToolBar. Click on Apple Channels.
You now should see Translations.
Just drag it to the left side ToolBar.
Do the same with Dictionary.

Let me know if Sherlock behaves correctly.
Let me know if you need further assistance and thank you for using !