Mrs B

Why is it not working? All I get is "loading" and it never loads. None of the channels work (Internet, translator, dictionary etc). I got on the Apple Forum and there seems to be a lot of people experiencing the same problem, but for the life of me I could not make hide nor tail of what they were suggesting to resolve this issue.
Today I checked to see if Sherlock was working and also went into dictionary and translator and all my English titles turned some oriental language now I have no idea what all the menus (in Sherlock only) say.
Sherlock is obsolete. However, that does not explain why it is not working on your computer. It certainly works on mine. Each Sherlock channel accesses one or more specific Internet sites. If the site's server is down, then it won't work. Are you having this problem on all of your channels or only on just one or two?
The Sherlock tool bar seems ok to look at but I can't open anything, channels menu the same thing. The Apple channels look like they may be written in German tonight whereas yesterday it was definately Chinese. I used to use Sherlock a lot, where did you get the info that it was obsolete. My computer is only 3 months old, why would it work until recently. Could it be because I updated to Tiger?
Thanks for answering so fast. I look forward to more comments.
Dashboard assumes the role formerly performed by Sherlock. However, Sherlock still works. From your description of things, it sounds as though someone has been monkeying with your computer. It cannot spontaneously change languages.