Indexing my disk?

Sherlock says can't index.

Can't seem to find the words to get any solace from Mac Help.

Anyone know what could be my problem.
For security, OS X can't index volumes or servers that you don't have permission to. By default it should index your user folder, but it won't for any other users on your system.

If you are the administator you should be able to index your volume. You may need to enable the root user through the NetInfo Manager.

Are you using 10.1 or 10.0.4? I noticed that I couldn't index my OS X volume under 10.0.4 but it does under 10.1.
To enable root user, open up the NetInfo Manager

Go to the menu and select Domain:Security:Authenticate

You will be presented with a dialog to enter the Administator password. Enter it.

Go back to the menu and select Domain:Security:Authenticate:Enable Rooot User

You will get another Alert box. Dismiss it.

You now have root access.