Shirts Feedback?!


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Well, feedback on the shirts is trickling in... so far sounds like people like them. Just wanted to open the floor to get more feedback.



Mine arrived today here in Switzerland. Looks lovely, wasn't my first choice design in the first place but it has grown on me, and i like the fabric colour a lot. Material quality is good, quite light weight cotton but soft and by no means the cheap thin fabric you see on some branded shirts etc (i remember you said you were looking for nice quality ones). Logo is clearly printed and colours are nice (the lighter blue looks very good) and even the fine dots are clear. Will see how it washes but i think it will be fine there too.

Overall, very nice, i shall enjoy wearing it. If you expand the range I'd love to see a more subtle design i could get away with at work (which is close enough to the IT industry that this might not go down well, while for some reason EFF shirts seem fine).

One idea for further sales, borrowed from the merchandise associated with webcomic Questionable Content. It explains the system here. Basically they order from the printers every few weeks, so all the items are sold on pre-order. I guess this helps them avoid losing money.


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I wore mine yesterday and it was very comfortable. No scratchy or stiff feeling (like with some printed shirts). Nice and soft. :)