Shockwave Install On New Os X


i just installed OS X on my clamshell and the shockwave/flash plugin isn't in the plugins folder for safari or IE... when i try to install i get an error window saying that i don't have enough privileges to install on my own computer! i checked several times to make sure that i am the administrating user but i'm out of ideas!

the wierdest part about it is that when i first installed disc 2 for the initial OS X system upgrade, both safari and IE were working with the flash plugin and everything - i'm positive because i tried to play a card game online that is java based and requires flash and i was able to perform all of the card game functions, but there were problems... when i'd click on a card in safari there were LSD-ish trails that followed the card's movement to the point where i had no idea what was going on in the game and had to quit... in IE about 10 to 30 seconds into every game i had to force the application to quit because it wouldn't respond to any of my commands. i switched my startup disk to OS 9 again so i could have a few card games, when i switched back flash player had vanished... also, i was prompted to set up my computer again as if i hadn't done it already the first time i started up on OS X --- but my file was still in the 'users' folder in the OS X HD.

any ideas???!!!!!
thanks a bunch.