Short Names


Another question for you all.

After you have created a user profile, is there any way to edit or change the Short Name otyher than creating a new account? B/c I messed up when I put it in the first time and I want it to be right.

If you can't, is there any way to copy ALL of one user's prefences and such to another users? Then I could just create a new one, and be good to go.

What do you mean? The system prefs are all useless in this application. Like they won't do what I want done. Any other ideas?
launch /Applications/Utilities/Net Info Manager, scroll down & click on the users line, select the user you want to change, click the lock & enter your passwd, then change all the references to the old username to the new one.

You'd also prabably have to mv and chown the old home directory to the new one