Should Apple open source the Dock?

Should Apple open source the Dock?

  • YES: Finally, we will have self-determination

  • NO: I like being a slave

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Puny Member
Everybody has an opinion about the Dock and has been fruitlessly begging Apple to improve it one way or another.

An alternative is instead of begging Apple to spend precious development resources fiddling with the Dock is to get them to release it's source code under the APSL.

It's not like the Dock could be ported to any other OS. Also Apple doesn't have to accept all patch submissions, but at the same time if you want to use an unofficial compilation you could do so.

I would start by adding alias support so it wouldn't use symlinks (how stupid is THAT?)

Of course Apple would have control over the official release and can control it's evolution and add features according to their own priorities, like a notification system (something beeped, now how do I find the application which needs my attention?)

If we all ask Apple to open souce the Dock instead of asking for various small features we could implement all the features we want