should i go for 384 or 640?


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hi mates,

my ibook currently installed with 256mb, should i go for 384mb? any big differences? or wait until the 512mb price get down?

i really want my Mac OS X rocks on my iBook 600... use Classic running Illustrator + Photoshop for web graphics... also running Dreamweaver and ICQ/Mail/IE/Netscape at the same time.


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The rule is basically; the more memory the better.

You can buy 384 now, or wait until you can get 512.

Personally, I would save up a bit more, and get the 512 sooner rather than later...
As you can see by my sig I have 832 megs, and I can tell you it certainly made everything go more smoothly on my Cube. I don't know how much it would help a G3 like the iBook, but from what i've read of Mac OS X, and my own experience w/ it, it really uses more ram better than other OS's, every bit is used to the max. I would suggest waiting for the price to drop, or try eBay (I had great experience getting cheap ram there), and get more. Except the longer you wait, the more you'll fell the need to get more, so it's really up to you. Just remember you'll be kicking yourself in a month if you get the less amount now, and later the 512 is less than what you paid for the 128 or 256.


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Go with the 512. When I first installed OS X last March, my slot-loading iMac had 128MB of RAM. Within weeks, I boosted that figure to 320MB. And about 2 months back, I saw a great deal on 512MB sticks, bought one, and brought my total to 768MB.
BTW, I have seen 512MB sticks offered for around $50 at a couple of places. I got mine from
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We're talking about laptop memory here, so it's not going to be as cheap as $50. That said, is offering 512 MB iBook memory sticks for $124, which, I think, is a pretty good deal. I got 512 MB for my cube from there for $57, but remember that's not laptop memory.

I would highly recommend -- I got excellent tech support, quality, and prices from them.

I should also note that the iBook only has one memory slot -- it has 128 MB on-board RAM and then one memory slot. So if you get less memory now, you'll be shelling out more money for more memory later, but you won't get to take advantage of your old RAM. So I would suggest going for 512 MB if you can afford it now.