Should I move from iPhoto to Adobe Bridge?

Hello everyone,

For quite a while now, I have been using iPhoto to store my stock photography I use in my designs, as well as my designs themselves. I also use Adobe Creative Suite 2, so I have Adobe Bridge now also installed. I keep hearing that Bridge is a fantastic application, and seeing as it's more professional than iPhoto, I wonder if perhaps I should switch, but need some convincing.

First, here is what I like about iPhoto:

- Easy and powerful search function
- Easy keyword application (by setting keywords and then clicking appropriate tickbox in the Get Info menu)
- Simple interface

So I am hoping Bridge can do the same thing, and more.

Of course, my main concern is that all the hours I have spent setting keywords in iPhoto will have to be re-set if I move to Bridge. So my main questions are:

1) Is Bridge as good, or better than iPhoto (and does bridge have a good search function, because that's iPhoto's main selling point for me)

2) What can Bridge do that iPhoto can't

3) Can I move my photos to Bridge without losing all the metadata I have set in iPhoto?

Really appreciate the help :)

Thank The Cheese
Before you start looking to buy something, you should examine the options available on your computer already. Apple bundles the wonderful GraphicConverter with new Macs. GraphicConverter is more powerful than iPhoto, but it can replace it as well as Image Capture. If it was bundled with your particular computer, download it and pay the shareware fee. The app is nagware until you pay the shareware fee, but is otherwise fully functional.