Should I stay, or should I go?


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
Hey there, just wanted some opinions. i have a da 466, 1.25gig ram, 2x superdive, 32mb gforece2, 2x 60gig & 1x 40gig hds. right now running 10.3.9, and have no problems. i have ilife05 installed, and use it. got a sonnet tempo trio and 5 port usb2 card installed. i got usb bluetooth to talk to my nokia n-gage phone. a kodak camera to take photos with. i use the gimp and graphic converter for photo work. mail for my hotmail and mymacmail email accounts. and i use appleworks for spreedsheets and letters. and print with a epson r200. i have been thinking of going to 10.4.x. should i stay or go? have most people been troble free, or there any problems with upgradeing with these periferails? also, install will be a clean on one of the drives, but then should i just install everything anew, or use the migration assistent to move everything to the new hd? what has everyone else done? all advice would be greatfull. thanks.
Your mileage may vary and is dependent on lots of factors. I have upgraded several Macs from 10.3.x to 10.4.2 using upgrade install and archive install with zero problems on any of them other than having to upgrade a host of applications and utilities for Tiger compatibility. Even my favorite Word Processor, Nisus Writer Express, had to be updated for Tiger.