Sick Powerbook


I have a powerbook running panther and it has run fine up until the other day when i was using photoshop. Everything locked up and i had to shut my pbook down with the power switch, the same thing happened again and then my pbook wouldnt load past the grey apple loading page.
I left it over night, then it worked fine in the morning and i check my disk permissions then halfway through that the screen went a real dark blue.
I couldnt get it past the grey loading page for the rest of that day.
Now i left it another day and my pbook loaded fine (for now) any ideas whats wrong and how i can fix it?
And what is a better option to turn my pbook off other than the unsafe way i did it?


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Sounds like you have a major problem, which are usually caused by hardware.

Have you installed any new RAM into your computer? If you have, take it out and try again. If it still happens, disconnect everything from your computer except your keyboard and mouse, then try again. If it still happens, you have a more serious problem.


I havent installed any harware on it and i dont have a mouse or keyboard because its just a laptop, should i take it into the shop to get checked out?

edit: follow up to my last post, shortly after i posted the thread my pbook frooze up and died but once again this morning its working again.


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Doubtful DiskWarrior will help this sick PB.

Have it serviced. Could be bad hard drive, power supply, etc.

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