What should be in a signature file

  • Just a whity remark, a quote, or something personal.

  • Something personal and/or the machine config that runs OS X

  • Something short, sweet and to the point.

  • Shut the f*ck up, if I want to I will put a whole novel as my signature!

  • Don't care about signatures, I dont have one.

  • There shouldnt be any signature at all

  • Other (please leave a post)

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Simply Daemonic
This coming from a guy that used to have a really long signature.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on this.
In the days of the PB we had our mac config that we ran PB on, but these days looking at the post I see people that have not only their OS X config, but the configs of their other macs, their other PeeCees, SGI, sun, linux, and you name-it-kind-of-machine.

I find it a bit too much and space consuming.
What do you guys think ?

SHould there be an etiquette here?

Take the poll, leave a message, share your opinion.
What should be on the signature (other than your personal quote, whity remark, some logo, or link to your site ofcourse)

Oh Postscruptum,
excuse the profanity (i.e. shut the f*ck up), just wanted to make it sound strong :)
I love my signature. it has my specs, a link to a picture of the true me, a quote by Steve Jobs
, a request for Limp Bizkit desktop pictures and if you click on the smiley face you go to a movie that my friends and I made, on a mac, of us redoing the Budweiser Whassup! commercial. I'm the one who walks in the door says "whassup!" and starts the chain reaction.

P.S. the guy on the toilet (no nudity) in the movie is a Wintel (Windows and Intel) lover. He thinks Mac will one day be destroyed.
There is nothing more tiresome than scrolling through pages and pages of other people's config info. Especially if you're trying to read the two sentences per post to figure out how to pin a dock or make terminal transparent.

What I would do is keep the config handy on a sticky and paste it in only when needed. Bear in mind that people don't need to know your video driver in order to tell you what 'wc' means.
Also people dont need to know how many more PCs, sparcs, irix, various-bsd servers you have and what their configs are LOL.
You already know all the systems I have. I was thinking about adding this...

"I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member"
-Groucho Marx
Lol I sure do know all the systems you have ;)

as far as your wouldnt be in any club...unless it was renamed to be a society of some sort LOL :p

its not a MacOS X club, its a "society for the preservation and discussion of MacOS X issues" LMAO :D