silly question about groups

El Alcahuete

Hi guys. I have a dumb question, I thought I had it figured out but its not quite working right....

When a Workgroup manager user is a member of multiple groups, is there anyway to make it automatically log in to one of those groups on a normal basis as if it was the only group, however still have the option to log into the other group if desired?

I thought that was an option at the login screen, however when I hold down the option key it doesnt do anything.

If its something easy, sorry for wasting you guys' time....


Xserve g4, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Panther on all user machines
Simple answer: No.

Not-so-simple answer: not really, but you could do a workaround, and create new accounts for each group, to allow login with one set of group privileges at a time.