Silver Sparrow


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Quote as per CNN Business:
Nearly 30,000 Macs worldwide have been infected with mysterious malware, according to researchers at security firm Red Canary.
The issue was somewhat confounding to Red Canary researchers, who said it's not clear what the malware's goal is. In a blog post, the firm said it did not observe the malware delivering "malicious payloads" — essentially, harmful actions against a device.

The malware, which the company calls Silver Sparrow, does not "exhibit the behaviors that we've come to expect from the usual adware that so often targets macOS systems," Tony Lambert, an intelligence analyst at Red Canary wrote. The researchers found that Silver Sparrow contains code that runs natively on Apple's in-house M1 chip that was released in November.


This does not mean you should not get the latest Mac. This is just to make you aware. And the usual suggestion is to make sure your anti-malware/anti-virus is up to date.

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I have gone through some documents and found that the new malware Silver Sparrow infecting Mac systems using the latest Apple M1 chip across the world. It is a macOS adware recompiled to infect systems running the Apple M1 chip.