Simple Audio Recording - PowerBook


Hrm I want to try to record a simple podcast, but I don't have any device readily available that can record audio... I have a powerbook, does it already have a speaker on it somewhere that I can use? Any native software to the OS that is available for recording?

Any tips appreciated. This isn't for anything serious, just messing around to see if I can technically figure out how to create a podcast!

Any help appreciated


Your powerbook should already come with a mike. My 12" Powerbook comes with one on the top left, just above the keyboard. As for software, you might want to try Wiretap.


If it's a G4 Powerbook or a white iBook (simple test: it'll be either silver/grey and made of metal or shiny white plastic if it is) then, as far as i'm aware, it should have a mic built in. Many other earlier Apple notebooks also have built in mics as well. Just set up your input level in the 'Sound' pane of System Preferences or in your recording software if a control exists and you're ready to roll.

For software Felt Tip Software's 'Sound Studio' ( is a great little recorder/audio editor. XHead's Recorder.xhead also looks feature rich and easy to use - ( Something like Audiodia ( might also suit your recording needs.

You might also want to check out 'PodCast Maker' from Potion Factory (

These packages are fairly low cost and will allow you to get good results with a minimal amount of technical expertise (PodCast Maker especially).