Simple home network



I have just bought myself a new eMac and now have 2 macs in my house.

So what I want is to be able to have a network between the two computers, for sharing files and printer etc, and have them both connected to the internet at the same time.

I know an Airport network would be a good and simple solution here, but it doesn't fit my budget very good. :(

I hope you have some suggestion to if I should use router, hub, switch or whatever and which I should buy.

Bwt, I have an ADSL 384kbps connection using PPPoE.

Thanks in advance ::love::


Where mah "any" keys at?
Okay, so what you do is line an Ethernet cable from your DSL modem to your router (into the appropriate port, it should be labelled), then line another Ethernet cord to each of your Macs.

Read the manual to see how it directs you to set up your Network Preferences to recognize the router correctly.