Simple InterfaceTutorial


Hi all,

I have done the apple currency converter tutorial and understand how to use text Fields. However, I can't seem to transfer that understanding to using other interface objects such as Popup Boxes.

Does anybody know of a similar tutorial that explains the use of the most basic GUI objects?

I bought the XCode 2 Book by Cohen and Cohen, but it seems to give a very general overview. Should I get a cocoa book?

Thanks for reading, all.
If you know how to work with an NSButton, then you're halfway there to understanding an NSPopUpButton. Since NSPopUpButtons inherit from NSButtons, you can set their action the same way as you would a normal NSButton. Just control-drag from the NSPopUpButton to your instance class in IB and select an action (this action will be called when the user selects a menu from the pop up button).

NSPopUpButtons also have a menu associated with them. You can use "addItemWithTitle:" to add a string to its menu, and "titleOfSelectedItem" to get the string of the selected item.