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I'm currently using a centered table on one of my web pages. Now, when I move my mouse over an image, say 100 x 20 pixels, I need another image to appear below it. I can make it appear but only if I specify where I want it to stay absolute...which means if I change the size of the window it is no longer directly underneath the 100 x 20 image.

How can I code it so this image isn't in an absolute position, but rather a position relative to the 100 x 20 image?
OK I've got it working using position:relative, but now whenever I move my mouse over and the menu appears everything else on the page moves, then when the menu vanishes everything goes back. I've put the z-index to like 50000 and still no luck. Any ideas?
You can replace your image using javascript.
For example

<img src="images/image1.gif" onmouseover="this.src='images/image2.gif'" onmouseout="this.src='images/image1.gif'">

Hope it helps
This is driving me insane.

Okay, when it's set to position: relative everything moves all over the place when the table appears, but when I change it to position: absolute it appears on top and nothing else moves. This would work, only I want the table to be 5 pixels to the left of the image that makes it appear.

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about a link to the offending page (or a ZIP with the required files)? Makes it easier for those trying to help to see what you're trying to do.