Simple PhotoshopElements 2.0 question


When I try to set both document setup and page set-up to A4 size, the print area is not centered properly on the artboard. Is there a way to slide it over?
Why are you setting up a full document page in Elements? You should use a desktop publishing program and place your image within that framework.

As it is, could it be your elements file is larger than A4 size?
Yeah, what he said ^

make sure your margins are set properly. Look for soemthing like 'fit media to page' and select that, really, though.. bringing it into a desktop publishing software system is probably the best call.
Try this. If the document size is letter just print it to legal, if legal print it to tabloid (11x17). Oh yeah and what they said, always try to put your Ill/photoshop and PDF files into something like ID or QE, they make page manipulation much easier.
There must be a easy way to center the print area into the document frame of an illustrator 10 file. The print area of say an A4 page setup should be centered within the boarder of a A4 document setup. Please download my screenshot.

In Illustrator 8 for OS9 there was a way to do this. How can it be done in Ill 10 in OSX without having to do something uncanny like printing a letter size in a legal size page setup?
There is a tool that allows you to grab that print area and move it wherever you want it. I have to get to my on-site contract job and check my Illustrator so I can give you the correct tool. Two shakes of a cat's tail and I'll have the answer. :)
Okay, if you go to your tools, click and hold the "hand" tool and you'll see the Page Tool pop up. Choose it and then you can edit the print area.

Keep us posted. :)
Natobasso, cool - that"s what I was after . . . and it only took two skakes of a cat's tail. While you are at it, perhaps you can tell me how to do one more thing. Everytime I start up Illustrator 10, the tools are not displayed. Each time I launch the program I have to go into the window menu and choose "Tools" even though the other stuff like "info" and "character" are displayed. Is there a way to get the tools to stay there by default?
I notice that my Illustrator doesn't like to remember any of the custom settings I give it. :)

I'd recommend trashing your preferences and starting up the program a few times to see if that fixes it. Make sure the toolbox shows up every time you start the program. If it doesn't, then it might not be the preference file that's the problem. Look around in the Illustrator app folder for your Plug ins/Tools and make sure the permissions are set to Read/Write.

Glad I could help you!
Throwing away the preferences file did the trick where the toolbox is concerned. However, I notice it still doesn't like to remember customs settings like font, etc. BTW, I do have the permissions set to read/write.

Having fun with the Muchachas, are you?