Simple question...


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I'm trying to fire off a long command in Terminal by typing in a much shorter command. For example:

I'd like to be able to type:

and have it resolve to:
"smbclient \\\\ -W DomainName"

Another Mac person at the office who also knows a bit about Unix told me to add .profile to my homedir with this content:

alias smgo=smbclient \\\\ -W DomainName

I did this and it didn't work. Yes, I've restarted Terminal and even rebooted.

Thanks for any help in getting this to work!
Proper forum would have been Unix Newbies.

whether you add something to your $HOME/.profile or $HOME/.login or $HOME/.cshrc or $HOME/.tcshrc or ... depends on which shell you are using.

MOSX default is tcsh; the preferred place would be $HOME/.tcshrc, followed by $HOME/.cshrc or $HOME/.login. The latter will not work, unless the shell is started as login shell by the Terminal.
He did post it in another forum and was answered there. I wish people would state that they posted a question elsewhere if they are going to post it in multiple forums.
Actually, I think ladavacm is right. I must have posted it here and not in the correct place. Sorry about that. I'm usually better about these things.

I know I didn't cross-post it and I just went over to the newbies forum and it's not there. I'm also befuddled as to why most of the replies from yesterday are gone. :/
I assumed that you had posted in another forum but you must have double posted. Your other post is still on the forum I was just reading it. I'm in the search for new so I didn't notice the forum it was posted under.