Sims 2 For Mac


I have been playing Sims 2 on a PC for since it was released but have been waiting for the release on mac. Now it is released it gives very high spec needed to play the game.
I have a G3 800 MHz , 640 MB SD-RAM
Does this mean the game wouldn't work on my iBook or would it just run slower than on a newer machine.

Hope this isn't too stupid a question? guess if no one responds then I'll get the message. Thanks to anyone who does respond.
This is my first time using this site.

Don't think that answers his question though. His iBook doesn't meet the minimum requirements listed on the box to play Sims 2. The Aspyr GameAgent will just compare your machine with the published minimum requirements, and won't tell you whether a game will run if your machine is below spec.

The Sims 2 requires a Radeon 9000 and up and a nVidia fx5200 chip. I believe this is because they use some 'shader' operations that are not found on older video chips like the Radeon 7500 on the G3 iBooks. Requiring at least a G4 could also mean that they use Altivec instructions that aren't present on your G3.

You could risk it if you know a shop that would allow you to return stuff you didn't like.
I purchased the Sims 2 for my dual Powermac G4 and my Powerbook G4. Both run with 1GHz. The Sims 2 calls for 1.2 GHz or faster. I'm hesitant in opening the box because I can't return it even if it doesn't run. I'm awaiting for some more comments because I don't know if it will run on my machine either.

Your G3 will not run the Sims 2. The graphics are too advanced. I say stick to the pc version. There are more additions too the game for a pc than a mac.

Please post comments.