Site Changes Coming


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We are going to be "under construction" while we do some work on the site, to enhance and bring on some new features. We hope you enjoy them once we are all completed.


Is the site going to be offline or in a state of flux ?

I dont want it to be offline:rolleyes:


PS: By having a windows forum on here arent just inviting windows trolls ?:confused:
No, it will just be in a state of flux. No, we are not inviting Windows trolls. In fact... many Mac users use RedHat & Windows... and if we can provide forums for Mac users to get friendly help from other Mac users who are also Windows & RedHat users... we have a good community foundation.

Cool :D

May I make a request ?:rolleyes:
You probably saw this in my other post... but...
can we have a PDA forum ? (and maybe a "misc. OSes" forum too?)
please please pleaaassseeeee

--> Crossing fingers:rolleyes:
Thank you :D
(would it be possible to add a "Symbian EPOC PDA" a "Linux PDA" and a "Other PDA" in the PDA section ? :D )

I realize I am asking to a great lot in a period of transition, I am sorrybut I cannot control myself:rolleyes: ... I am just so excited)

Originally posted by Red Phoenix
Silly blb. Every forum is an AdmiralAK forum. ;)

So the real hierarchy to every forum has an implied 'AdmiralAK >' before the ' >' part up near the top of the page?
It's there. You just need to set the text size really big to see it.

And I think adding the Windows forum is a great idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has trouble with Windows just because different terms are used. That, and because Windows is evil.
without the great admiral.. what the heck does the ak stand for anyway admiral.

BTW Great job on the pda forum, very helpful thanks
Admiral Ass Kicker...Is that a take off from "Sgt Slaughter" ??? :p

AK = My initials ;)


PS: Admin! You potty mouth :p I cant believe you! You said the "A" word lol