Site event suggestions....


Simply Daemonic
This just hit me :p
Why dont we sponsor "events" for networkable games ?
Like Diablo II, Strcraft, warcraft, unreal (is it networkable?) marathon (boy did I love that game...stupi brother broke my CD :mad: ) ...

who;'s up for that ?

Sounds good.
But with everything going on right now I think it would take a while before we get anything like that set up.
It doesnt have to be difficult :rolleyes:
We just put up an annoucement on what time and what server to be on :rolleyes:
Just make sure you have the same username as your username so people know you :p
Yeah, and us guys on dialup could log on in a game of CLI Go-Fish!

Just kidding... it's a great idea. WHen I get my wireless high speed (and a game LOL) I'm in.
I would love to play a mass game of unreal, but only if scott picks the same look as me
I'll play Q3 or Unreal. I don't care. I'll probably lose because of my 56k. :(
But it's still fun to get a frag every once in a while. :)

AdmiralAK: You're missing A LOT! But If I were you I wouldn't go out and buy it...I'd save my money up for Unreal 2! Now that's a game!!!