Serious possible problem here, just as I was posting my last thread about 10seconds ago I got this sizzling noise for about 2 seconds inside my emac then the screen closed in, not sure how to describe it. It was like the side of the screen came together like it was going to go off then everything just went back to normal. All this took about 2 seconds, everything appears ok now, no burning smells, no noises the screen looks fine.

Anyone know what just happened?

Also, I dont know if this was related but at the same time I heard a kind of drilling noise somewhere outside. If someone had hit a power cable further up the street, could this of been the cause?
Sounds like something went awry with the power supply unit or harddisk. Things like that and the speakers will interfere with the CRT display. Not sure about the drilling; did you have any other electric devices on? And if so; did they do anything?

like lights dimming?

EDIT: Is it storming there? That will cause interference in the CRT display.

EDIT 2: I also just realized; you monitor might have "degaussed" for some reason or another. eMacs automatically degauss. Most monitors there is a Degauss option in the menu or a button right on it; like mine. View here under "Degaussing cathode ray tube" for more info:


The only other thing on is the tv I didnt see that because I'm facing the other way, although they use different sockets aswell.

Weather is perfect for once, not even a cloud so I don't think it's that.

It was a bit like the degausing but the noise sounded a bit different to me. I wasn't aware it was automatic on emacs, hopefully it was just that.
As long as nothing else happens I think it will be fine. I remeber now we had a problem with a old iMac G3 I had making a 'sizzling' noise. Turned out to be a little piece of plastic stuck in the CPU fan.